Monday, July 11, 2011


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if you're anything like me, your glasses go everywhere with you. i need mine for the
movies, driving, concerts + class lectures- basically to be able to see anything far away.
i've had the same glasses for a couple years now + it's time to have a little more fun...
i think lennon had the right idea-- you can never have enough glasses ♥

i am happy to share that LENSCRAFTERS has asked me to be one of their ambassadors!
tomorrow i will be heading over to one of their city locations to try on some goodies.
it's the perfect time too, because they are having their semi-annual lens event.
i went on the site to find my favorites (see above) + ended up toying with the idea of
getting prescription sunnies! gahhh so many good choices. i can't decide!

which would you guys pick?!